Monday, June 20, 2016

Frostgrave Thug & Infantryman, as well as some terrain

Now that I am done with gaming conventions (until the fall) & the majority of the town-wide garage sales have finished, I am able to start getting back to painting some stuff.

One of the things I've lacked is poleaxe armed Infantrymen. So after a trade for some stuff with Dave, I built this plastic figure from several bits. The second metal figure is another of the Gamezone peasants. Although he is wielding a nasty looking flail, I intend his use to be that of a Thug.

As part of getting some things off the paint table, below are 2 more hand carts finally painted up. These will find use in several gaming era's.


One of my Garage Sale finds, was this piece, likely from a Disney Aladdin toy of some sort. I liked the meditating figures & thought this would make an interesting piece, which could be used as a Magical Focii to improve spell casting or some such.

I painted up the centre in red to make it stand out. Not bad for 5 cents.

This next piece is from the Gale Force Nine - Battlefied in the Box series of 28mm terrain. I still kick myself for not snagging the ruined fountain piece as it would make a perfect pool for the scenario! However this piece is the Fallen Angel. It came pre-painted in a black/dark gray/gray scheme. 

I wanted to go a bit more with my stone palette so some drybrushing ensued.

Here it is with a figure for scale.

Thus ends what I managed to get through on Sunday. I have quite a few varied miniatures still on the table I want to work through. These include Pirates, Zombicide Zombies & some more figures for Frostgrave.


  1. Fabulous additions Terry and that Disney find is superb.

    1. Thanks Michael, I do enjoy those Town-Wide Garage sales. You never know what you will find!

  2. Nice eclectic haul Terry. :)

    The meditative statuary is superb - great find! :)

    1. Thanks Pulp, it pays to look through those boxes full of oddities.