Sunday, July 10, 2016

Frostgrave - The Living Museum

Today we continued our Frostgrave Campaign & played the Living Museum scenario.

After pillaging the Library, rumours have led the warbands to the ruins of the home of a Wizard. Unfortunately the Wizard had some rather odd statues.

Craig's warband was the first to encounter the denizen's of the area. These 2 wild dogs were quickly dispatched.

Andy's warband began fogging off the ruin to prevent the treasures being Telekinesed from the ruin.

Scott's apprentice & archer have some unwanted company in the form of an Ice Toad

Having placed Fog in front of 2 opposing warbands, Andy begins to swarm the ruin trying to snag the treasures & awakening the statues. (We had modified the scenario, so that even if a treasure was moved by Telekinesis, it would awaken a construct)

Embers warhound charges Craig's thief. The hound was taken out with the arrival of the barbarian & a Infantryman.

As one of the fog spells dissipated, it allowed a long bow shot. Andy's member was smote by a 20.

Meanwhile Scott's apprentice & archer were busy running from the Ice Toad & boar which also spawned. The Archer falls to another 20.

The ruin is quite the melee.

One of the constructs attacked Ember's man-at-arms & was slain (natural 20!)

Twenty was becoming a common occurrence as Craig's infantryman was taken out by a boar.

We then saw the arrival of a Frost Giant. Everyone managed to avoid this fellow & he eventually left the field of battle

 Ember's Templar slays Craig's treasure hunter. Yes another 20!

Another Frost giant arrives on the field.

One of the constructs takes out the Templar.

An arrow drops the boar

One of Scott's archers drops Andy's soldier

Another construct falls.

Scott managed to get his treasure hunter into Ember's warband & took out my Treasure Hunter. We eventually slew the intruder.

Scott had his Medium Construct & archer engaged with Andy's soldier. The soldier who was I believe wounded, managed to kill both the construct & archer.

Eventually all the treasures were removed, thus ending the game.

Apprentice suffered a close call.
An Archer was killed.

Treasures: 200gp, Scrolls - Monstrous Form, Telekinesis, Grimoire - Banish

2 Crossbowmen & a Marksman miss next game

Treasures: 120gp, Grimoire - Fleet Feet

Barbarian, Infantryman & Thief miss next game

Treasures: None

Treasure Hunter killed
Thief miss next game

Treasures: 260gp, Horn of Destruction, Grimoire - Summon Demon, Poison Dart



  1. Too funny. 20s take out everything. Thanks for the battle report.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jacob, yes 20's were aplenty this round & most were mine!

  2. You do seem to throw an awful lot of 20s, fabulous fun though Terry.

    1. Thanks Michael, yes I had a good number of them yesterday. It should be noted that there were many casualties also caused without 20's, its just a lot of fun when someone gets 1-shotted & demands a photograph!

  3. Please send me one of your dice Terry, I could do with some 20s...
    Great game report sir!

    1. Thanks JP. We actually had an instance where both my Treasure Hunter & the opposing Treasure hunter had each rolled a natural 20. I lost only due to the fact I suffered -1 for carrying a treasure! I admit, having the 2 players kill one another would have been hilarious!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun.

    I can't believe how hot the dice were yesterday. I could have used some of that in the game of Zombicide I played yesterday.

    Fun read.

    1. Thanks Dave, I did have a good round of dice. You need to get your band finished & get in on the campaign!