Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gangsters using Black Ops

Last night at the club, Bruce brought out his Gangsters & used the Osprey Black Ops ruleset.

The scenario was that the Gangsters had an illegal Still hidden somewhere in this city block. The FBI was determined that it should be destroyed.

A couple of the gangsters are deployed as 'guards' meaning until something occurs that causes them to raise an alarm, they will perform dice driven actions whenever their activation card is drawn. Below, Lovely Rita is observing from a street corner.

The cards on the buildings are blinds which until revealed can be bluffs or actual gangsters. 

In the first game, I had my entire band wiped out before I could even get a shot off. This left me with just my Boss to try & take down some of the Agents. Eventually the Gangsters turned the tide & after slaying Jake the Snake (demolition expert) were able to prevent the FBI from succeeding.

We then switched sides & started again. This time we brought all the FBI onto the board at the same location & spammed observation until the building was revealed. We then swarmed the 2 gangsters inside & attacked them hand to hand (to help limit the noise)

The 2 FBI bosses & Jake the Snake.

Lovely Rita (a gangster guard) kept wandering into walls. Not the most observant

The melee continued inside & the 2 goons were taken out of action.

That was the last photo I took, however Bob was also taking a bunch & he will likely be showcasing the game on his blog as well.

The FBI went on to decimate the Gangsters. Combat is quick & deadly. Roll to hit, roll to save, fall if failed save & 2 turns later push up daisies.

I think the players caught onto the rules fairly quickly. Thanks Bruce for bringing this out.


  1. Interesting way to re-purpose rules for another genre. :)

    1. Thanks Pulp, its a bit of a challenge for the defender having to wait to respond. This could easily make a good game where the players are all vying for some objective & the GM runs the guard faction.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael. We didn't actually get to have a blast. The first game saw the Demolition specialist die in a hail of gunfire. The second game, the FBI had pretty much wiped out everyone & they threw in the towel

  3. Very cool. I've got Black ops and not tried yet. Sounds fun.

    1. Thanks Simon, Bruce owns the rules & has played a couple other games. There were several who had never played & it didn't take long to get the hang of it. Though I am sure there are a lot of rules we didn't get into.