Wednesday, January 4, 2017

First Club night of EWG for 2017

Last night was our first club night for 2017.  I got in on a game of Avrelian run by Bruce using his 15mm armies. I joined Craig in playing the Persians.

Each side uses a deck of cards, each card providing numerous options for its use. In some cases the use of the card will see it discarded for the remainder of the game. Eventually one side will run out of cards & the game ends at that point.

The Persians were the attackers & were attempting to seize 2 objectives within 20 turns.

Early in the game most of the action was on the far side of the ridge where our horse archers were playing cat & mouse with the opposing sides light horse. Sorry I forget the opponents army <sigh>. Everytime his mounted would close, we would play a Parthian Shot card & ride away causing a disruption from bow fire.

Eventually the centres clashed. The white markers represent disruptions. Depending on the unit, once a certain number is reached, the unit is destroyed. There is a lot of disruption occurring at this point.

With some lucky cards & a couple of flanks, the Persian managed to destroy some pikemen & broke the opposing army. We were lucky enough to have our elephants not Rampage. These were definately the most well ordered Elephants ever!

As well 2 more Zombicide Walkers made it off the paint table.

More Zombicide Black Plague Zombies on the way, as well as a couple more miniatures for the upcoming Frostgrave Campaign. Thanks for reading.


  1. Epic looking game, although I thought you were using marshmallows are casualty markers to begin with. :)

  2. Nice looking game Terry, the zeds look great too :-)

    1. Thanks Gobbo, the game was run by Bruce & everything seen belongs to him. The Zombicide guys are mine however.