Sunday, January 1, 2017

We made it!

Here we are! We managed to get through it...2016 the year of some big changes.


This is where a lot of bloggers go through their year in review, however if you wish to do that hear, then just sift through my previous blog posts. I prefer to look ahead!

As I got a bit busy with some after Christmas shopping, I wasn't able to get as much time at the paint table as I had hoped. However I did manage to spend a few hours yesterday to finish off my current batch of Zombicide Zombies & a Wight.

As well a couple parcels arrived just at Christmas, one being my LOAD (League of Ancient Defenders) Kickstarter. Then of course we have the Christmas presents.

I will be going through the rules to this & bringing it out the club Tuesday.

Under the tree this year were a couple boxes of Malifaux 

I am certainly impressed with the miniatures from this game. Still have the 2 player starter one's on my paint table. OK there's a goal for looking forward!

Another goal for the coming year is to continue work on the Zombicide Black Plague core game. Thus far it's been a steady stream of walker zombies, but the Runners & Fatties will be making their debut soon!

DOH! It's only after I am posting this photo that I noticed a brush hair stuck to a guy's head. That won't be staying there long.

Goal number 3 is to relaunch our Frostgrave Campaign. After discussion with another blogger - Gordon Richard's, I purchased a software I have seen him using on his blog. My intent is to dabble with said software for the campaign, making it sort of a graphic novel. We shall see how this pan's out (aka I still need to play with the software)

Speaking of Frostgrave, I painted up an old Wight figure. He is 1 of the 3 Ral Partha Wraiths. I will need to find the other 2 to get them painted up for that scenario as well.

So once again looking forward my goals for 2017 are to 

1) Relaunch the Frostgrave Campaign. I have been dabbling with using the City of Mordheim as the backdrop to this. Mainly as I am not about to winterize all my terrain. As well rumours are rampant that GW will be releasing Mordheim. Yes I will be getting it! Though I still have quite a bit of the previous version.

2) Complete the painting of the Zombicide Black Plague core game.

3) Complete the Malifaux Starter set & actually play the game!

I will leave the goals at that point, not wanting to overload & thus complete nothing.



  1. You've had some wonderful additions there Terry, I wonder what we will end up being tempted by this year?

    1. Thanks Michael, actually in the Kingdom Death 1.5 Kickstarter. I did get the original Kingdom Death, but not a lot of the expansions. A bit better prepared this time!

  2. Some lovely stuff there, Terry. Happy New Year and happy gaming in 2017.

  3. Lovely stuff! All the best for the New Year!

    1. Thanks Gordon, starting to dabble with Comic Life!