Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fate of the Elder Gods

Last night at the club I brought out one of my recent Kickstarter arrivals. Fate of the Elder Gods.

In this game each of the 4 players controls a cult bent on summoning their chosen Great Old One. Of course the other cults are trying to prevent this, whilst summoning their own God.

Add into the mix pesky Investigators who are attempting to plant elder signs which, if enough are placed will end the game.

Then there are the curses which can plague the would be cults, further slowing the completion of their goals..

My cult was serving Tsahtoggua. As can be seen the investigators have been quite busy dropping elder signs on my cult. As well I had only gotten 2 points on the summoning track itself.

The board where most of the action occurs. Each zone (called an altar) provides various effects to aid your cult, or hinder others. The altars also are repositories for magic mana of various types. In order to ready spells, players must use these differing coloured mana powers to make their spells castable. This seemed to be the most troubling for players to grasp in the game, however I feel it went well.

In the end, Wiley had his cult track covered in Elder signs, which immediately end the game, with him losing. Winner is then determined by the person with the least number of elder signs, followed by the highest performance towards successfully summoning. In this case it was Richard who walked away with the win.

His response 'But I didn't even know what I was doing most of the game' 




  1. Yet another of these "Kickstarter" thingies that I'd never heard of :-)
    Very interesting looking game Terry, even if it's not my kind of thing, the Cthulhu content grabbed my attention.

    1. I find the game differs from most if not all the Arkham horror series in that you play one of the cults trying to summon your chosen god. Definitely a lot of backstabbing in this one!