Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last game of 2017

I was invited for a game of 54mm American War of Independence fun at Bob's place yesterday afternoon. To start this entire week has been insanely cold. As I went to start my car....ok, luckily we have a second vehicle, though it left my wife without one. It would seem the battery froze & is dead. Looks like I will be starting the new year with getting a new battery for my car.

Even today its -25 as I type this. Don't think it got any higher.

Anyway...the game Bob ran was using I believe the Command & Colours rules as it followed the 3 zones & cards.

Scott beat me there & thus he took the British... I got, the rabble. I do not recall the battle. Perhaps Bob will respond below.

I do know my troops consisted of Rifle (closest to the British), Militia (2nd rank), Provinicial, some Cavalry with George Washington & 1 group of 3 Regulars.

Scott started off with hammering my rifle units. I soon realized that these guys were actually pretty good units....if I could save them from being destroyed. 

My cards precluded doing anything on the right flank. However I had several left flank cards, thus I got George moving with the Cavalry. He was able to  cause the British Light troops to withdraw, only to have them rout when they failed to roll any flags to recover.

This system is certainly about morale. Every time a unit is forced to retreat, it must roll dice to see if they stay. If no flags are rolled, the unit routs. Scott had full units do this on 5 dice, Which I think is where the game began to turn.

I finally pulled the Provincials & Regulars off the hill & advanced, hammering at his end units as best I could, trying to kill off stuff, or make them rout. 

The game was close, but I did eek out a victory for the Americans. Lucky for me neither the Grenadiers or the Highlanders made it to my units.

Thanks Bob for hosting the game! Now its back to hibernation as the year draws to a close. I have several figures painted & drying from the dip. They will be my first post of 2018!

Happy New Year Everyone! --- except for the Politicians who feel that a New Year is cause to increase taxes!

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  1. 54mm is absolutely gorgeous to see Terry, just looks so good on the table!