Saturday, August 25, 2018

The fun just keeps on coming!

We headed into the city so my wife could get her hair done. This inevitably led to a trip to Walmart. As I waited..and waited, I had more time to wander about.

I always take a side trip into the toy department just to see if any new 1/43 vehicles had shown up. Sure enough... There was an open flat with several vehicles. I quickly snagged the 2 remaining jeeps & a Fire & Rescue truck.

Sure an open jeep may not be the best option when sitting still, however it makes a great mobile platform while in motion!

As well I got another parcel & discovered it was my Fallout Miniatures Game order from Modiphius. I opted for the plastic PVC figures over the resin as the price was just too high, what with the exhange rate & all. 

Although I didn't get the terrain packs that were available, I did snag a bunch of the expansions.

One thing which I really like & am seeing more of is scenic bases on figures. A good example can be seen in the image above, with the stop sign. Means more time will have to be spent on the bases, but I am sure it adds to the figure immensely when finished.


  1. Let me know if you want to modify those models. My recent experience withGaslands might be helpful!,

    1. Thanks for the offer, however it may be some time before I actually get to working on these. They've been added to my 'pile' for now

  2. I missed this Kickstarter. That looks like a cool game, I would love to try it sometime.