Saturday, August 25, 2018

Escape from Colditz!

This past Tuesday I brought out Escape from Colditz for the guys as the club.

I had 4 players (prisoners) scrambling about to gather the stuff needed to aid in their escapes while I played the German guards.

One of the conversations was which edition & year my copy is. It has the Gibsons Games logo on the sides, though from looking at Boardgame Geek, this isn't the 1973 version, so I am guessing 2nd ed?

The prisoners at the start of the game. Each colour represents a different allied nations prisoners.

We set a 2 hour limit (as we were playing at the store). The players began running about gathering equipment, which of course allowed me to start arresting them & putting them in solitary. I filled these first 2 cell blocks quite quickly.

I would suggest the players didn't really plan working together, they consistently left the guard spaces free for me to keep repopulating them & then snagging yet another prisoner to send to solitary. 

Chen did manage to make a run for it with 1 prisoner, however I had the Shoot to Kill card held in my hand & managed to bag him before he got away.

As it stood, time ran out & I had got the 'win' for preventing any escapes. Good little game without oodles of bits & pieces, apart from the meeples, & a few decks of cards.

I then got home to find a parcel awaiting me. My Deluxe copy of Big Trouble in Little China had arrived!!!!! 


The deluxe version allows for 5-6 players instead of the 1-4. I will be taking some vacation & hope to solo play a game of this before taking to Scott's next Saturday.
I've been watching some of the playthrough videos on YouTube & it looks like its going to be a blast!
 Stay tuned...


  1. I love Colditz, one of my favourite games of all time!

    1. It's been too long since playing it last to be sure. I agree its a great game!

  2. I still have my old copy of Colditz too and remember many rnjoyable hours of play with my children.

    1. Thanks Zabadak, best of all, no miniatures to paint for it! I am sure this game will see the table at the club again, easy game to set up in case we have a surge of players & need a game of something.