Friday, November 9, 2018

Frostgrave - Loot the Cart!

This past Sunday we had our 17th game of our Frostgrave Campaign. This time we played the 'Loot the Cart' scenario, which again as we were playing with 5 warbands, I had to modify.

The changes I made the scenario were;

The Cultists defending the card had built up some rough cover to hide behind. As well they were armed with bows & I upgraded them to +2 Fight, +2 Shoot.

The treasures on the cart themselves were hidden beneath a tarp & were thus not visible until the tarp was removed. The tarp would require 2 actions to remove. 

The ghoul pack reinforcements would be 1 per warband, thus our ghoul pack would be 5.

Lastly the 4 treasures inside the cart would automatically spawn a creature nearby when picked up.

So for today's scenario the warbands involved were as follows.

Eben (Terry)

Innovar (Craig)

Bob (Scott) - outfitted in different duds from normal

Malcron (Jonathan)

Ludwig (Chen)

So grab yourself a drink for I have a tale to tell. 

So once the warbands returned to their camps, the pain & gain were as follows;

Ludwig - 485xp, 20gc, Fate Stone.

Bob - 510xp, 40gc, Magic Spectacles, Grimoire - Mind Control
  Thrawn & Spot V - Miss Game, Timmy had a close call & lost all his items.

Innovar - 555xp, 440gc, Unbreakable Orb, Eyes of Umoto
  Sharn - Dead, Belle - Miss Game, Bardley -1 Fight Permanent Injury.

Malcron - 260xp, 20gc, Quiver of Soul Seeking
  Grayson, Slip - Dead, Reid - Miss Game

Eben - 650xp, 290gc, Scrolls - Bind Demon, Restore Life; Grimoire - Heal
  Borke & Mange - Dead

This leaves us with 1 more scenario to finish this campaign, but you will have to wait until December for that to occur.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Great report Terry! And a fantastic looking table too 🙂

    1. Thanks Ivor! This seemed to be one of the longer games we had!