Thursday, November 1, 2018

Frostgrave Terrain Kickstarter Arrives!

Another nice surprise arrived at my home in the form of another kickstarter. This time it was the Frostgrave Terrain one I backed about a year & a half ago. A fella in Australia named Tim created this for all of us Frostgrave Fanatics to assist us with all those odd bits of terrain which are needed for The Thaw of the Lich Lord, The Hunt for Golem, Ulterior Motives & I think maybe Dark Alchemy.

Here is the link to the Kickstarter Campaign.

I must say I am extremely pleased with the results & I know Tim has had the typical ups & downs of all Kickstarters. I congratulate you on this one Tim & am a happy customer!

But enough gab! Onto the photos of his splendid work!

I did buy a couple add-ons which I didn't have painted in the form of these ruined stairs.

Other various stairs pieces.

Also several pieces of ruined walls, which can be formed to make ruined buildings, or used by themselves. Note that there were more of the same pieces than are in the images.

Runic stones


As well as crumbled pillars

I also snagged a couple extra of these double sided book cases to add to my library scenario.


Altar, Fountain & Throne

Ruined cart & some goods

A couple cauldrons & I am not sure what the centre item is...must be some arcane machination!

What happens when I step here?

Pits & trap doors.

Bone Piles, corpse marker & rat nest

Flee! Fire! Foe!

This next piece is quite nice! These archways are slotted in the jamb, so that...

One can slide the magic portals piece inside it. It comes in 2 forms, one with a person entering & the other exiting. Very nice touch! These will be used in my final campaign game in December.

I think this is meant to be a bone wheel

There was also quite a haul of treasure to be had!

Some telescopes

Sarcophagus & altar with victim!

So again, all of these were painted by Tim the creator & I asked that they not be done with snow effects, which I believe all were originally meant to have. 

He was happy to agree & from the last I heard, he is still working through those customers who were getting the snow effects done.

Hope to see another campaign to deal with the all additional Frostgrave supplements since this one launched!


  1. Lots of useful terrain. Not just for Frostgrave either!

  2. That is some great looking terrain! I really like the look of the stairs 🙂 This definitely looks like a Kickstarter I would have jumped on had I known about it.

    1. Thanks Ivor, its so hard to keep up with Kickstarters, there are so many!

  3. Those are so cool! Great idea not limiting them to snowy terrain. You'll get more use out of them, and you probably made the painter happy since you saved him some time.

    1. Thanks Piper! I agree, I prefer to keep the terrain neutral for use in all occasions. I used some of the loot counters for the game we just played. Will be using his portal pieces for our next game in December. The AA report of the game will likely be posted Thursday or Friday.