Monday, April 1, 2019

Frostgrave - Violent Fungi

This Sunday is our next Frostgrave Campaign game & we venture into the Breeding Pits.

Our first scenario will be the Moving Maze & we needed to get Violent Fungi miniatures done up for it. My buddy Scott had already painted some, but I saw the need for more as our game involves 5-6 players, meaning lots of treasure, which in turn means lots of Fungi!

Enter Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures - Myconid Adults. Pre-primed, they just needed rebasing & then some painting. Looking at the painting on the packaging, I thought about it...then looking at real mushrooms, have come to see that most Fungi, have rather more mundane appearances.

Coming 2 to a pack, I snagged 3. I opted for the more mundane colouring of the bodies, then added some moss green for their 'beards'. I definately liked the multi-coloured crests, so wanted to retain that aspect.

Finishing up with Strong Army Painter Dip to get into the recesses, makes their bodies pop.

Now we will see these guys in action..of course with the multi-player games we have I have to modify the scenarios, otherwise they are a cake-walk. However I have a wonderfully great modification idea for these critters!


  1. Great minis, with some really nice paint jobs!

  2. These are brilliant! Great additions and a quick win, painting wise.

    1. Thanks Michael, had I gone with paintwork similar to the packaging...they would still be on my table. Luckily they are ready to rampage this Sunday!