Monday, April 15, 2019

Frostgrave Minor Demon & Giant Spiders

This past weekend I finished 4 more figures to add to my monster collection for Frostgrave

First up is an old metal RAFM figure of a minor demon from what I believe was a magician set.

As well, 3 more of the Nolzer's pre-primed plastic D&D Giant Spiders.

I wanted to keep a couple of them raised on their legs...though not sure how well they will remain secured to their bases, with just their leg tips to hold them.

I admit to contemplating modified spiders for our games that will actually spit webs onto targets which will reduce their actions similar to poison. However when hit twice & failing their TN, they become ensnared & are auto-poisoned once the spider either draws them to itself or moves to them.

I opted to go with varied paint schemes as well.

I next have some old GW ghost/spectral horde figures to paint up for use as banshees or spirits of some sort.


  1. Cracking work Terry, love that demon.

    1. Thanks Michael, slowly finding my older figures from my youth hehe.

  2. Looks fab Terry! You did a fantastic job on those spiders, way better than what I did lol!

  3. The 'old' demon still old its own against newer figures imo, but the spider sare excellent and well done with the legs !

  4. Thanks Zabadak, I likely could have left the spiders baseless, they are quite light! I am pretty impressed with the Nolzur's line of figures from Wizkids.

  5. Nice job on the demon but kove those spiders they turned out great.