Monday, February 24, 2020

Descent - Zachareth

I was reminded that I had an errant figure hidden somewhere for my friend Brent that needed painting. After receiving a query from him, I looked about the table & found he had tumbled off the space I use to sit miniatures to dry while painting & was behind the wooden block.

As I will be getting a chance to game with Brent soon, I figured I best get this guy finished, so this was my Sunday paint table project.

Not sure what this guys powers are, but with the glowing glyphs on his arm, I am betting arcane magic is apart of them.

So what's next for the painting queue? Well I am waiting for some warmer weather to prime some of the 3D sewer pieces I've printed, & I have lots more Barbarians to get painted up prior to our next Frostgrave campaign game. Stay tuned for those.


  1. Great job Terry, not sure I would have been brave enough to tackle those glowing glyphs - wow!

    1. Thanks Michael! If only I was as well. Looking at it, one would almost think it was burned. It does make for the effect however!

  2. Wonderful paint-job, your mate will be well-pleased.

  3. That looks great - and glad we found him!