Monday, March 2, 2020

Frostgrave - Barbarians

Seems I've used that subject before. As indeed I do have 3 more Barbarians painted up for use in Frostgrave.

However this round, I've got a Reaper Bones Conan figure, Northstar Plastic Barbarian Archer & a multi-part metal Ragnarok (Confrontation) miniature

I was a litte concerned with the Bones miniature, as there didn't seem to be a lot of definition. However once the Army Painter dip was applied, it helped immensly.

The Confrontation miniature is from this box set. So you can expect to see the others make their appearance too!

So that's it for all I got painted during my Sunday paint session. As can be guessed, there will be more Barbarians coming, as well as a terrain piece I want to use in our next Campaign scenario!


  1. They all look fabulous Terry. Those Ragnarok barbarians look gorgeous sculpts.

    1. Thanks Simon, the Rackham figures certainly are nice! Great when you can find them, but they also ran a kickstarter a year ago to relaunch the game, so expect to see them available again!

  2. Great painting on all these minis, though 'Conan' is 9understandably) a bit OTT.