Sunday, August 15, 2021

Stargrave - Raised Platformer!

 The past couple of weeks I've been working (my inner voice says struggling) on an older Platformer plastic kit I picked up years ago. Finally a reason to get it built!


I wanted to make a small raised landing / cargo drop with the platform kit. So snipping all the parts, & then "snapping" the connectors together as the box says "no glue needed" I then felt I was ready.

Laying out the parts I started  trying to snap the tiles together..hmm not going as smoothly as I thought. No worries, I will just get the general idea layed out & then paint. Definately need to do warning strips....yep, those take awhile. OK time to get them all together.....wait, I don't seem to have enough T-connectors. OK I can just leave out 2 of the corner tiles & use those locations for the ramps.

Getting the pad finished, it then needed to be raised onto the rail posts. More snapping together, wait that one is skewed...twist & SNAP. Off breaks off the post inside the base. I will just superglue that post back on. Ugh...more delays.

However in the end it was put together....its a bit wobbly at the connector locations. I think this really just needed to be glued together! It is however functional, though it will not be getting any travel trips from the basement.

For those who find this kit & plan to use it, just be really will want to lay everything out to make sure you have enough connectors. Decide which face of the various tiles you want to have faceup, as you won't be using the other side. GLUE it together when satisfied & all will be good! As the final slap, the humidity today caused the matte spray to frost a bit, but when I look at almost appears like built up dusty grime, so I am not totally disappointed.

As a final bit to today's post I cleared another 2 crate sets from my paint table, they were much easier!

Thanks as always for visiting.


  1. I bought the larger platform set some years back. Have to say I despised this kit! Trimming sprue connections and getting it all to connect properly was a flippin nightmare! I managed to create a few structures, then threw the lot out after carrying down tot he game table in my old house caused multiple breakages (And I even glued it from the start.). So in conclusion, you're a better, more patient man than I. Saying that, I like the look you've gone with and agree that the frosting from the humidity actually works really well.

    1. Thanks Dai, being ex-military, I've got the whole Hurry up & wait mastered. Your comments are quite similar to those I've seen on the facebook feeds, will likely pop apart what I can & get some glue joining everything together. As I mentioned, it will definately be a stay-at-home piece! Thanks for visiting!