Thursday, August 19, 2021

Zombicide / Last Days: Pitter Patter, let's do some Scatter! --- Terrain

Doing some more paint desk cleanup this past few days, I have been finishing off some Scatter terrain, mostly for Zombie or Apocalypse gaming.


This is a mix of some Walking Dead mattress covered barricades (Mantic), some garbage bins (picked up in a swap -  so not sure the company) & some tires which were 3d printed. These tires were actually part of other barricade pieces but snapped off while washing & cleaning the now I have some random tires to lay on the board.

 And the same terrain with some figures added for scale. 


I have a bunch of the 3d printed terrain scatter I am currently working through. Then its onto a 3d printing / painting contest I want to participate in. I am currently printing out the piece from LV-427 now. 


  1. All looks great Terry and will just add to how good your tables will look all decked out