Tuesday, July 19, 2022

EWG - Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps

Tonight we had 2 games running at the club. Jonathan brought out Thunder Alley, which he & Scott played.

The other 5 of us played Aliens: Another Glorious  Day in the Corps.


This was the first time I got to play this game. Dan ran it for us, with his wonderfully painted figures. All of the Movie characters are there as options to run, each with their own special abilities.


I played Cpl Hicks.


As we entered, our mission....find Newt & get her off the table. How hard could it be?


Apart from Dan, none of us had ever played, so we didn't really grasp all the card mechanics. It wasn't until mid-game we discovered that event cards could be played at any time (with the exhaustion of cards)


Each time you perform various actions, it uses cards which are moved from the Ready Pile, to the Exhausted Pile & finally to the Discard Pile. So for example, firing your Pulse Rifle would exhaust a card. If you fired again, another card is exhausted.

To say it got out of hand quickly would be an understatement...."Game Over Man!" 

However we all enjoyed the game & look forward to giving it another play now that we have figured out the mechanics. Thanks Dan for bringing it out! 


  1. Thats looks a fun and entertaining game and very thematic, of course knowing the rules better always helps too !

    1. Thanks Joe, yes it was very thematic! There is an interesting card management mechanic, where the more you do, the faster you deplete your cards....once your out of cards...you lose.

  2. I always liked the look of this so it was interesting to read how the game played. Brutally realistic by the sound of it.

    1. Hey Michael, great to see you back! Yes it was thematic, the one-liners were flying around the table & are even used on many of the event card. The bases of the marines also have their names on them!