Wednesday, July 6, 2022

EWG - Bloodborne the Card Game

As I watched the club event post to see if anyone would step up to run an event....Monday came with nothing but Crickets. So I scanned my shelves for a game that would be club worthy (quick to learn, has several players & doesn't take long to play)

This week I chose Bloodborne the Card Game


After watching a How to Play (can't say enough about how great these can be, especially with heavy rulesets), I got all the cards sleeved & ready


In the game you play a Hunter who teams up with other hunters to enter the dungeon slaying the many funky creatures that dwell within, on your way to defeat the Final Boss.

Your player board is used to track the blood echoes you've received as well as stored. You also track your trophies from you kills.

 This is where it gets more involved....even though your 'working' together, your also going for bragging rights of having the most Blood & trophies, using some of your abilities to thwart the other hunters. There are weapon upgrades - like the cannon -  that will actually damage every other hunter.

Each of the monsters within have variable abilities, hit points & what colour of damage dice they throw. After working your way through (normally) 10 lesser critters (3 bosses, 7 normals) you engage the final boss. I think we all enjoyed the game & I've now added the expansion for the next time we play!

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  1. That looks great fun and rare, imo, to find a cooperative game (ok, semi-cooperative) that is still very competitive.
    I'll be looking to find this in my flgs.

    1. Thanks Joe, yes its a fun game with a quick learning curve. The strategy becomes one of figuring out what the other hunters are likely to play each round. After poking through the expansion cards, I would highly recommend that as well.