Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Stargrave - Fire Moon!

So here we come to the final scenario of our first Stargrave Campaign. This scenario titled Fire Moon, is set on a planet with lava streams flowing across its surface. 

Hidden away on the planet is a Secret Research Base, that hopefully the players will get to explore. 

 As the scenario was going to require quite a few Magmites, Chen offered to see if he could get a bunch printed & painted before our game. (We used his throughout). 

However I also printed out some figures to represent Magmites.


These were called Bony Beetles, I liked the look of their cracked shells, so opted to use them for mine.


I got the files from Thingeverse & I believe they were meant to be Metroid critters. They were created by Schlossbauer. 

We had 4 players for this game. Each of us started in 1 of the corners. For our random encounter each turn, there would be 1d3 magmites arriving on 1 of the table nodes. We also had the Unwanted Attention arrivals.

The entrance to the Research Base (also where most of the loot would be found)


Inside the entrance was a short hall, ending at a portal (which would bring you to the entrance of the underground base.


Once inside, the crew member could navigate through the lab & get to a transport platform to return them to their ships.


Things started off on the wrong foot for Kurt's crew, as one of his members was taken down by a pair of magmites.


It would seem Scotts MG trooper didn't clean his weapon prior to landing & thus saw it Jam on its first use.


My crew approaches the edge of the lava stream.


Chen's crew arrives

It doesn't take long to get our walls of smoke blanketing the area

Seeing as Scott was targeting my crew, I offered him one of my placed Magmites, to occupy his time while I got my guys through the lava.

The door is approached & is soon opened. Chen & I agreed to explore the lab rather than gun one another down.

Upon opening one of the doors, Chen had his drone taken out by a Soldier Zombie


Scotts troops begin crossing the lava

More crewmen move into the entry


Working our way through the lab, there were numerous objectives. We used the specimen vats as 'Data' loot. Opening one (TN16) would provide an Alien Artifact. The lockers & such were 'physical loot' also (TN16)


As for the denizens of the lab. There was an escaped Mind Gripper, several Soldier Zombies, a Sentrabot & Warbot.

So upon ending the game & tallying up the total xp earned, Kurt was found to be the 'winner' of the campaign.

Thanks to all who played in the campaign. We will take a summer break from Stargrave & likely launch a new campaign in September.