Sunday, May 7, 2023

Stargrave - Lava Rivers

Working on the prep for the last core book scenario that needs rivers of lava to break up the playing area.

Looking around at what I had, I recalled some old Zuzzy mats, & then realized thatit was called lava flows, so it would work perfectly. With some quick cutting of it into strips I was ready to go.


First I laid down some drybrushing of red to give it a bit of a tint.


Then came the orange.


Lastly Yellow in the centre.


I did do a bit more yellow/orange contrast paints after this & am now working on flattening the strips which are curling due to being rolled up all this time. 

I also have quite a few more strips which I may keep wider than the roughly 2" wide versions needed for the scenario. I am thinking I may paint the next batch in reverse, starting with yellow & working out to the darker colours to the edges.

However before I can work on that, I need to work on some magmites which I 3d printed. Luckily Chen is working on getting a bunch more painted up for the game as well.  

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