Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Racing towards Zomtober!

As October draws ever nearer, I am still focussed on getting the remainder of the core Zombicide zombies finished this year. Then I want to run a campaign (if I can find the players committed enough!)

With that in mind, I've completed another batch of Runners.

Seems I had 1 left from the previous batch who got missed, so he joined the undead femme fatale's of this heat.


Again I used a combination of speed/contrast & normal paints to complete them.


I am still not 100% happy with the slapchop I am doing & think its because I am not using enough white..something to work on. It's not too bad on the zombies as they have their muted undead flesh colour anyway.


Another thing I tried this round, is making some discarded (or dropped) cans of food.


I have a bunch of labels printed from when I was doing Objectives. I found I had some rounded rods of sprue from some figure line which fit the bill.


Granted I haven't gone so far as to make the tins hollow, that will take some thought & time, though it isn't impossible. 

 Off to play Thunder Alley this eve & Necromunda on Thursday, so its going to be a busy week. 


  1. Dunno why Terry, but that first pic reminded me of that Monty Python skit where the bloke has chosen his own method of execution whereby he's being chased by a gaggle of half naked women off a cliff!

    Nice additions to the horde though. :)

    1. Great Segway Dai, as I just spent the weekend at the Edmonton Fan Expo where I did my Tim the Enchanter Cosplay

  2. I think your paintjob is adequate enough for most gamers and a lot better than a lot of my zeds, but with the addition of the detritis on their bases raises their look 100%.
    Job well done, I'd say.