Thursday, November 23, 2023

EWG - Xenos Rampant.

 On Tuesday, Bruce was back with another game of Xenos Rampant. This was set for 6 players, however only 5 showed, so we ended up with 3 on 2.

 Richard, Bryan & I had the force attempting to get our convoy vehicles off the far end of the table while Bruce & Chen played the defending force.

We had Bryan use his force to tie down & occupy Chen on the one flank, while Richard & I massed on the right.

We moved most of our vehicles up into the rough, as we were hover craft, it didn't slow us at all.

One of Bruce's forces holds the built up area.

We were able to smash through Bruce's force, he was sitting with just the remnants of his infantry droids. Thus they conceded. In hindsight, having the 3rd player would have likely made for a much heavier slugfest. 

Thanks for bringing it out & running it Bruce!

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