Sunday, November 12, 2023

Stargrave Specialists

With the above 0 temps we've been getting the past couple of weeks, I have been busy getting a bunch of figures based & primed so I have a pile of stuff ready to go for the winter, for as we all know


I reached out to some fellow painters to discuss my Slapchop, I wasn't happy with the results I was getting, but after some good advice from Dave we figued I wasn't drybrushing enough white. So went back at it.


Here we have 2 snipers & a Rapid Fire Heavy Weapon


These are all metal models, the first coming from the Stargrave line, then middle bug looking one is from Rogue Stars & the last is an old Warzone figure which when held brings new meaing to 'Heavy'.


Pretty happy with the results which are 97% speed paints. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Really like these! The sniper is a cool concept with his overthetop sci-fi goggles and the bug alien is a sculpt that I might have to grab at some point (Great green colour on him too).

    The Warzone fig is a blast from the past! Part of the "American" faction, right? Capitol or something? That gun looks huge!

    1. Thanks Dai, they have certainly been putting out some nice metals for Stargrave. As to the Warzone fig, not sure of his faction, I managed to pick up several various blisters from the store I worked at in the early 2000's. By that time they were pretty much an old line people were no longer buying, so I got them for a good deal. Expect to see some more!