Thursday, January 31, 2013

Descent & Zombicide Characters

I've finished off a couple more of the Descent & Zombicide Characters.

First up we have the 2 Descent Heroes. Tatianna seems to be some sort of Clan Hunter.

Next is Lindel an Elf Paladin type. At least thats what I get from his description.

Next up are 2 more of the Main Box Heroes. Ned & Josh.

I really like the characters they've put into the game. Each has a lot of character & likely has been in a movie.

I am glad they didn't make Josh with his pants halfway down his backside. Again I have used an old 40K decal as his hoodie logo.

These figures have nice detail.

So coming up next are more Descent, Zombicide Heroes & some Scurvy Pirates will be making an appearance. I also have 1 Sloop that is almost finished & that is the last of the ships I need for the Mayday Game.


  1. Really nice work. Did you use the soft army painter dip for those? The skin tones are perfect and the shading fits nicely.

    1. Mark I've been using the Strong Dip actually. Was thinking of a using the soft, but rather than start a new can figured I would use one complete one first.