Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HOTT 2013 Campaign Map, Zombicide - Wanda

A few more items have left the painting table. I have also been busy making some adjustments to the upcoming EDBAG HOTT Campaign Rules which begins next month.

In the words of Gandalf  "The board is set, & now it the pieces are moving"

Below is the Campaign Map that will be used. The positions of the capitals are not set, they are merely used to show the locations of all major Cities / Capitals that will start the campaign. They may shift slightly, but there is a minimum of 3 spaces between major centres. As players begin to expand, they may discover small villages which they may add to their empire as well. They will in turn supply troop points & supplies.

I picked up a metal backed white board & then put magnetic strips on the back of all the hexes. It will be an interesting drive over to Dennis's place to see how well they stay in place.

Also to start the campaign I finished off the remainder of the needed city counters.
Up next we have Wanda the Waitress from the Zombicide game. This Rollerskating, Chainsaw / shotgun toting blonde will certainly mow down the Zombies in her path. With luck she will get lots of tips.

I have several more of the tokens needed for the HOTT Campaign on the painting desk - Fleets, Dragons, Villages & a couple more Field Army Markers. I very much doubt I will get many of the villages needed done for the campaign as I will be taking more of paint them as they are discovered approach. With a month between games I will have lots of opportunity to get them done.



  1. The Hott Campaign map looks cool. Be sure to send me the rules.