Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Pirate Ships & Rowboats

The Shipyard continues to launch more freshly painted 28mm Pirate Ships. As well a couple more of the skiff/rowboats are done.

The first ship is another Gunboat. I am trying to use some old Letraset to give the ships names. Its been a challenge as all the lumps & bumps make setting the location of the letter a challenge.

These 2 skiffs are from the Weapons & Warriors Pirate boxed game. They come with sails which I am still painting up. As the ruleset doesn't have rules specifically for skiffs, I will need to make some. Otherwise the mount for the sail can be where a swivel gun can be mounted.

This last ship is another Sloop. All the pirate miniatures shown in these shots will eventually be getting a makeover, but will likely be used during the Mayday game as they are.

Just starting to see how many miniatures will need painting. Each of the caravals will need 14 crew, the gunboats & sloops 13 for a total of 134 miniatures.

I am now also deciding how best to paint them up. Should I paint crews with say, the same colour pants to define them as the same crew? There will surely be boarding battles after all. Another option is just to paint a coloured swatch on the base to define crew allegience

Any thoughts?

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