Thursday, January 17, 2013

Row-Row-Row your Boat

Today I finished up 4 of my 28mm rowboats, as well as a couple other items.

This is the first batch of rowboats for Pirates. Of course no Captain in his right mind would abandon his these are more for his crew to help tow him off of shoals & such.

These rowboats can be fitted with the ships Swivel Gun (if it has one of course)

Next up we have the last of my (required) HOTT Field Army Markers. There is now enough painted for the 5 players slated for the next HOTT Campaign to begin in February.

Also I have finished another of the Descent miniatures. Here we have Arvel Worldwalker. An Elf Ranger?

Lastly I have taken a photo of how I am going to be doing my Pirate Crew Bases. On the left is the barebones base with Cardstock planking & a washer to allow it to be stored on a magnetic tray for travel. On the right is the completed base. All that remains for that is to paint a swatch to denote whether the miniature is a Captain, Marine, Navigator, etc.
I am still debating whether to paint the swatch in the colour of the boat or just keep the swatches all the same colour & just place crew as needed.


  1. Look at you go! Those pirates really have your attention. Now you have longboats??? Too cool.

    1. HAHA not longboats, but I do have some Native Dugouts I got off of Will, I suppose a paper dragonhead can turn them into Longboats.

      Yes Pirates will be my main focus until Mayday. Hope you get in the game!