Monday, April 28, 2014

IHMN Society of Thule & some more Steam Tanks.

This weekend I finished up the first batch of the Society of Thule Company for In Her Majesty's Name, as well as 2 more Steam Tanks from Ironclad Miniatures.

Up first the Society of Thule, here we have left to right

Feldwebel Krieg, Count Friedrich von Stroheim, & Dr. Kobalt

As I have come to expect, these are beautiful miniatures, and each has lots of character. I need to do a little touching up of the bases, but that will be an ongoing issue & isn't that big a deal.

I've also completed the last 2 of the Steam Tanks I purchased from Ironclad Miniatures. I have decided to theme each tank towards a faction for IHMN, however they can of course be used in various other games such as Pulp Alley, G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T etc.

I've armed both with an MG.

This second is the same model that I used for the Badger, however I added the wheel sponsons on the outer hull. This Tank I've decided to paint up for the Servants of Ra Company.

MAYDAY is this Saturday, so the rest of the week may see a little more painting, however I will also be digging around looking for items to place into the Auction.


  1. Superb! That said it on serves to remind me that I've made little progress with my own! I love the steam tanks too, are those decals or some nifty freehand work?

    1. Michael, thanks for the comment. They are indeed decals. I have a huge box of decal leftovers from my many 1/72, 1/35 scale model days. I also use a bunch I picked up from GW when they used to hold their auctions for a song.
      I do know people who could paint those logos, but I am not one of them.

  2. Lovely tanks - Ironclad Miniatures do some really nice models. Really like the desert camo on the second.

    1. Thanks Dannoc, yes they are quite nice. Good casts with little flash. I will certainly be picking up another batch of them as soon as I cobble some extra cash.