Wednesday, April 2, 2014

EPIC Command & Colours Ancients at EWG

Last night at the club I got into Bob's game of C&C Ancients, Epic edition, meaning a large scale battle with several generals led by 1 commander per side.

This battle pitted a force of Gauls, facing the Romans.

First battle I was playing the left Gaul force opposite Bruce. Below is my first move.

Bruce mauled my forces, forcing my auxilia on the hill to withdraw. Things were not looking good. Meanwhile things were continuing to develop in the centre.

I eventually got my general with the medium horse into the fray & was able to return the favor, eventually slaying Bruce's general in the mix.

The game went quite quickly, so we switched sides to play again. This time I played the Romans on the opposite flank, again opposite Bruce.

The dice were no friend to Bruce as his chariot hurtled forward into some of my light troops, inflicting minimal damage. Lady luck saw the death of his general yet again with the death of several of his units.

For as many players as we had ( 6 in this bout) the game was fast & Dave mentioned that the overall General can feel a bit overwhelmed trying to deal with commands to the flanks while still focussing on his own field. More images can be seen on Bob's blog.


  1. Now that looks like fun, but I mustn't be sidetracked as I have my own distraction to work on!

    1. Your right Michael, its easy to get drawn into the 'New' craze. Our club has quite a range of interests amongst its members. I have been able to avoid jumping onto the wagon as it were. Not so lucky on several other systems though 8D.