Monday, April 21, 2014

Scallywag's Aplenty

Another good long weekend which has allowed me to spend some more time at the paint table.

Here we have another 5 Pirates

These first 2 are both metal Old Glory. The fella with the blunderbuss had his foot snap off, so I made him another Peg-leg. Seems I am painting a lot of peg-legs lately.

These next 3 are also all metal. I am not sure whom the left figure is from. I believe the middle figure is Black Scorpion (though I could be wrong). The fella with the long rifle is Foundry.

I am now working on finishing off a 2nd steam tank. As well the Society of Thule are still making progress. I may get some more painting done later this aft, once I get my tires switched. As well, tomorrow night is EDBAG, where we continue the Kingmaker Campaign.