Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Campaign Begins for EDBAG

We began our new DBA themed campaign last night at EDBAG.

This time around Dennis proposed playing Kingmaker & fighting the battles using DBA. We had 4 players to start.

Our starting forces were  as follows





The game begins.

Fairly quickly the King was called to Preston, where he was swooped onto. The forces consisted of Greystoke w/120 troops(Chen) vs Hastings w/90 troops (Dave)

Alas, Hastings was saved by

Thus ended year 1.

The campaign continues

Year 2: Cromwell captures and slays Edward of Lancaster

Year 3: Hastings marches onto Berkeley & offers to let him depart peacefully if he should slay Edward of March. He does.

Year 4: Bourchier sails to Calais & after being given access, kills Richard of Calais.
A Lancastrian King is crowned, now there are 2.

Year 5: Our one & only battle of the evening which carried.
Stafford (me) attempts to do battle to capture a king at the Battle of Barnet. The forces are equal strength.

Alas a string of many 1's cause my army to falter. To add salt to the wound Stafford is slain.

All in all a deplorable night for me. My forces lacked strength enough to capture an heir on my own. When I did have an opportunity, my dice failed me miserably.

I think I shan't be too much a thorn for the next round.

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