Wednesday, March 6, 2013

El Cid - War & Conquest

Dave brought out his El Cid for a battle using the War & Conquest ruleset. Dave admitted it was somewhat a first run for him using these rules, but with the excellent fanbased quicksheet with pages referenced we had little downtime.

Scott & Chen played the one side while Dave & I played El Cid's forces.

Our forces consisted of 2 light infantry spear/bow mix, 1 heavy mercenary foot, 1 heavy armoured cavalry with El Cid attached & lastly a Light Skirmish Cavalry unit. We also had some missile armed troops inside the fortifications.

Arrayed against us were 1 unit of Heavy Armoured Black Guard, 1 Light spear/bow mixed, a unit of skirmishers, a unit of horse archers & a light skirmish cavalry unit.

Both forces advanced towards the centre of the table. Below we see El Cid & the Heavy Cav preparing to charge into the horse archers.

To say things went bad for Chen would be an understatement as he lost both of his mounted units leaving the entire flank barren. Meanwhile the foot units had become embroiled in some heavy fighting.

Scotts Black Guard were able to smash thru the Mercenaries & advanced to the field in front of the fortifications.

But with the loss of the skirmish unit & his light infantry, it remained that the Black Guard were all that remained & this is how the field looked when they conceded.

Thanks to Dave for bringing out & hosting this game.

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