Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things are gonna get HOTT!

Well after many false starts & life getting in the way we finally launched out HOTT campaign. Even with the launch we were down 2 players, but we played for them as we wanted to get the majority of the expansion play done so we could get to the battles next month when we meet.

Below we have the starting positions. The castles are the players Capitals. The colours of each player is;

Dave - Black, Dennis - Yellow. Chen - Red, Terry - Green, Chris - Blue & Stu -  Pink

This next shot shows the game after the first year. We rolled dice for the 2 missing players to determine which way they would go, but they would only travel towards unexplored spaces.  Chen & Dennis quickly formed the border between their 2 empires.

We managed to play thru 4 years of campaign. There were no field battles, however we ended with a good chunk of the board under the players controls. There is little more than the large open area in the central North of the board to be explored. A couple of the cities were razed down to villages from the sieges they endured. As well we had quite a few villages razed to the ground as well.

Thus we ended the evening with the players sitting at

Terry & Chen     38
Dave                  35
Dennis               28
Chris                  24
Stu                     15

All the players are also now sitting at 30 AP armies, as losses by sieges were easily compensated for.

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