Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A little DBA

Tonight we played some DBA over at Dennis's house.

I chose to play the Aztecs.

In the first battle it was IV/62 Hundred Years English attacking my IV/63 Aztecs.

Dennis moved his artillery up the road. Both of us started out slow with numerous 1's & 2's preventing anything major happening.

Eventually we clashed and after he slew my General, fortunes turned & my warband actually pushed his Knights back & was able to eventually kill him. My bow unit with assistance from overlaps slew another.

I eventually was able to engage his Artillery & killed it to end the game.

My second battle was against Stu playing IV/20 Ayyubids. Things were going well until I was struck with a string of 1's...I think 4 in a row which shattered my warband line. He slew 5 total units & I didn't score a single kill. It wasn't pretty.

I have a few more pirates waiting for their matte finish which will occur likely tomorrow after work. So images should be up later tomorrow eve.

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