Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last of the Last Night on Earth, another Scurvy Fella & Command & Colours Ancients at EWG

Well this post really is a mixed bag of tricks. To start off I am now done the Last Night on Earth character consignment.

Here we have a Hippy Chic & a College Jock.

I am also beginning to get back to my pirate figures which are cluttering up my paint table. This fella was near done before the consignment came, so got sidelined.

Last night was a Command & Colours Night at the club. Dave brought out an Ancients battle.

We played 2 rounds of the Battle of Ilipa, pitting the Romans against the Carthaginians.

In both battles things did not go well for the Carthaginians who lost in both.

Sadly the Elephants never really got off the ground & indeed proved much more advantageous for the Romans who just peppered them with missiles hoping they would trample adjacent units (namely their own).

Thanks to Dave for bringing out his miniatures for what turned out the be the Hottest Day in the History of Edmonton...a scorching 43C which was thanks to a high humidity.


  1. I do like those Last Night on Earth characters.

    1. Thanks Michael, your right they are pretty nice figures for various pulp/zombie type games. They definately thought out "what" the common man would grab/use for defence against the Zombies, seeing their access to heavy firepower would be severly limited. Now they need a plumber with a plunger.