Monday, July 8, 2013

Mice & Mystics

I am now working on painting up these character...err mice figures from the game Mice & Mystics.

I do not own this game myself, & am painting these as part of the consignment. As such I am not sure of what the mice names are, but here are the first 3 of six.

This first one is obviously a fighter type

This next appears to be a mage or wizard.

The last of the three is the rogue.

Tomorrow night is the HOTT Campaign, so I will post images from that likely Wednesday.


  1. Oh how wonderful, I mustn't let the good Mrs. Awdry see these as she will want some! Great job Terry.

    1. Thanks Mike, if you are indeed looking for metal Mouseling figures to paint for the misses, I know Reaper has a box set available.

    2. Far too tempting, but I must resist for the moment, just so much building up!