Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thus ends the HOTT Campaign.

We arrived to play what would be our last night of this HOTT campaign, mainly due to us losing one of our players to a posting in Wainwright. So with that in mind it was decided that the highest points at the end of this evening would be declared the winner.

So we started the night completing the Autumn turn from the previous night. Chen's Stronghold fell to the siege of my Goblin Hordes thus making him a Vassal. Meanwhile Stu marched against Chris, forgetting that he had lost quite a few elements from the previous turn. Oh well, that didn't stop him

Stu had Dennis send a contingent, while Dave, Chen & I were sending support to Chris. Oddly enough, with the orientation to the map, both Chen & Dennis arrived along the same edge, but were however on opposing sides. Chen had a spate of 1's and lost most of his command.

Neither Dave's nor my contingents made it to the field.

The battle ended with the death of Chris's General

Winter found all the armies rebuilt & war was waged by Stu & Dennis against Dave. I myself was still at war with Dave which also prompted my vassal to oppose him also. Chris allied himself with Dave.

Stu took the opportunity to quickly move & lock Dave's field army down. Although close, Dennis was unable to march his field army to assist, so had to settle for a contingent. Chen also sent a contingent, however I was too far away to join in. Chris sent a contingent to support Dave.

Both Chen & Dennis arrived to help Stu, however Dennis was smashed by the combined might of a  Hero, Paladin mix. Stu lost his General & it was battle over. It was getting late by this time, so it was decided to tally the scores & see who was the Overlord.

Final standings were;

Dave          94
Terry          88
Chen          63
Dennis       56
Chris          55
Stu             47

We are now in the preliminary planning of doing a War of the Roses campaign based on Kingmaker, however the next while will be spent just having some open gaming.


  1. Thanks for all the hard work, Terry. Well done.

    1. Thanks Dave. Would be nice to get a larger group for another HOTT campaign down the road. Will be puttering around with the rules used this past round.