Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zombicide Characters and their Zombivore Counterparts.

Its a busy blog night here, as I now type up my second blog entry....I was absent for some time actually working on these figures, but I hope the wait was worth it.

But what's this!?/ Who let these Pirates on deck?....

Mostly they were near finished & I wanted them done & off the table, so here they make an appearance. The fella on the right is another Marine for one of the merchant ships

And onto Zombivores! Here we have the 3 added figures from the Kickstarter. Namely Dave the Geek, El Cholo & Nick, or rather them as Zombies.

As the original characters had been sold, I had to go back & find the images of the painted ones so I could attempt to match their paintjobs.

First is Dave the Geek, who never did get the hang of playing with fire, hence his burning arm. The decal I used for his original shirt, I could not find another of, so I had to paint it on & then use liberal splatters of blood to hide my poor attempt.

Next is El Cholo, still wielding his machete's

And then there is Nick. I think he turned out the worst for wear of all of them, having lost a shoe. The figure is fantastic however

Once of the additional characters received in the Survivor's box set was their version of Chuck Norris aka Eagle Chad, the All American. Here he is as both Normal & Zombivore. The beauty of this of course being I can paint both at the same time to ensure colour matching. Not sure how he upgraded to an Uzi from his pistols however.

All of my Zombicide characters and their Zombivore counterparts are heading off to a new home later this month, so don't be surprised with a double take when I eventually paint up my own set & they again grace the frames of my blog.

I have 2 more Zombicide pairings to complete before I am off to Fall-con.


  1. Those look Zombicide paints look awesome.

    Yeah, the Uzi upgrade does look a little out of place on Chaz. I wonder how much converting it would take to turn that Uzi into a pistol.

    I am pretty sure the new home will be most appreciative. :)


    1. Hey Brent, yes & I think they look much better than the picture shows as well. The last figures will be posted this eve, as I matte sprayed them this morning.