Monday, September 9, 2013

Zombicide - Troy and Cardboard Tube Samurai

With Fallcon only a couple weeks away I have finished the commission in time...whew! I know, some of my gaming friends will laugh at this, as they churn out regiments, etc...

So here we have the last 2 characters, plus their Zombivore counterparts.

First is Troy (who sure looks a lot like Ash 'Bruce Campbell' from the Evil Dead.

Next up is the Cardboard Tube Samurai. I am not sure which character this fella is based on. Anyone?

Lastly its Booty Call! With a scurvy pirate making off with the Royal Jewels. This is a metal Foundry miniature.

Between now & Fallcon I will hopefully be working on more Pirates.


  1. Cardboard Tube Samurai is from the webcomic Penny Arcade:

    1. Cheers for that myincubliss, its nice to get info for all the characters. Most of the movie ones I've figured out. Thanks for stopping by