Wednesday, October 22, 2014

AK47 at EWG Club Night

Well first off I want to apologize to all those who came out to play Zombicide. This post would of course have focussed on that, but as I had forgotten the 2 boxes containing all the cards, that kind of killed it.

So making good come of bad, I got into a game of AK47 which Bruce brought out.

Of course what makes this game unique is all the varied equipment cobbled together to create units. I joined Jason as defenders, against the oppressive Bobandy Tribes. 

We started with 2 units on table. A militia infantry deployed in the town near the far crossroad, while our regular Technical unit defended the second crossroad.

The aggressors started with 4 units on board & the slugfest began. On the first turn we had lost a recoilless rifle truck, but were able to bloody the noses of both the tanks & a mixed technical / armoured car unit.

The next couple of turns saw the attackers infantry roll forward with the rantings of their General to spur them on. Our technical unit continued taking losses & withdrew. The aggressors also had another unit arrive in our rear, so what remained of the technical deployed to defend there. We had pathetic dice when rolling for reinforcements until finally getting some relief which arrived right in front of Andy's Infantry. A slugfest ensued.

Meanwhile as the time was ticking down to end game, Bod drove his tanks towards the last objective to make it contested (thus neither would get points). We managed to get our 4 RPG's to all activate & knocked out 1 of the tanks. The remaining one failed its morale, taking the last hit to end the unit.

The view of the endgame battlefield.

Andy held the 3rd objective, managing to destroy our infantry.

The attackers had also bagged this objective & even with the late arrival of our armoured cars & managing to take out 2 infantry elements, were unable to do anything further.

The second objective was retained by the defenders & when flipped was worth the most victory points.

When the dust & smoke cleared the final tally was Attacker 46 / Defender 71.

I believe we all enjoyed the game, complete with naysaying the infamous Fallcon Dice which Bruce is so fond of deploying in games.

As for Zombicide I will bring it back for the next club night in November. 

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