Thursday, October 9, 2014

Just too Excited to wait!

A few weeks ago one of the fellows from our club offered to spend some of his time working on a series of building pdf's I had purchased a few years ago from WorldWorks Games.

Bruce delivered the goods at the club on Tuesday. I only got to go through all that he had done last night & was going to spend the next couple of days doing some cosmetic painting along the bases of the foam core, but then I could wait no longer.

I just had to set it up, take some photo's & showcase his fantastic work on the blog.

So here are the first round of buildings for Mayhem City...funny how it is aptly named for half the title of my blog! Now it's getting really interesting!

Now most of the large blocks do not have inner floors. That's not to say they couldn't, but you would need to develop a system to insert them. With that being said, I was looking again today at the WorldWorks site & there is an Apartment Block which showcases the inside rooms, furniture & stairs....I may be making another purchase soon.

Bruce was even kind enough to build the skytrain deck & 3 cars for the Light Rail.

I know there are several sets that I bought, which have everything from the various barrels, palettes, vehicles (busses, cars, vans, motorcycles &trucks).

Some of the sets even provide interiors as seen here in the Light Rail Cars.

There are even a couple burnt out vehicle patterns. Also note some of the building sets have interior detail as well.

Bruce also built a gas bar, complete with a small coffee kiosk.

So as I make some time to paint the edges of the foam core & begin to get these terrain pieces onto shelves, I want to give Bruce another big THANK-YOU!!!

I will need to continue the momentum you've started for me.

Up next being Zomtober, I have some Zombies on the go for this next weekend's viewing.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tim, I am quite happy with them. The foam core helps their rigity nicely. I am now looking at the Mall & Apartment complex sets.

  2. A fine set of scenery sir!
    Everything you need for a modern zombie outbreak.

    1. Thanks Bob, your bang on. Those Zombicide Zombies & Characters will be the basis for All Things Zombie!

  3. hey Terry that is some impressive terrain!

    1. Thanks Chris, Bruce has certainly put me in his debt! The Worldworks stuff is quite affordable, as the biggest costs will be time & ink.

    2. I'm lucky to have unrestricted access to a colour laser printer :) I plan on doing enough buildings to fill an 8x4 table for ATZ and Zombicide.