Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Clay-o-rama at EWG

Last night at the club, we had 21 people out playing games. One of the fella's brought out a bunch of tins of Play-Do for a rousing game of Clay-o-rama.

This game was brought to life in the 1980's in one of the Dragon Magazines. I do recall seeing the game being played at Cangames in the late 80's, early 90's.

Each of us was given 20 minutes to create our construct which would then do battle. When completed, the game master looked at your construct & gave it skills & attacks based on what he saw.

My first construct was a simple 4 appendage critter with mouths on top. I aptly named it Shuriken.

Larry made a much more elaborate construct.

Of note is that we were also allowed to choose a special ability. I chose Bowl this round, which if I rolled an 11 or 12 on an attack would allow me to roll my opponent across the table.

Round 1 begins with 4 constructs. A construct would start with 50 points unless they chose to make missiles...each missile subtracting 5hp from the construct.

The first attacks are made

Next turn, a missile is launched. Damage of 1d6 is determined when the target is struck.

The conga-line begins.

I won the first battle.

Round 2 I created a tracked construct.

Larry created another interesting...oddity. This one gave him 2 nasty attacks. A Maw & Tail with good bonuses.

Not sure what to make of this red thing. It did bring some laughter by others attending the club night.

Wiley opted for something with a massive fist.

Again battle is joined. This round I chose the 'Poke' special ability.

Larry benefitted from this special ability, as his construct had a hard time standing up after I poked him.

I believe Wiley walked away with this Victory, though all the constructs were very low hit points when the final swings were made.

This game made for a lot of laughter (even drowning out the Brownies next door). It was a nice light hearted game & lent itself well for a club night game not needing oodles of terrain & miniatures.


  1. I actually remember that Dragon magazine issue!

  2. Never seen anything like that before. That looks a mad one.

    1. Thanks Bob, it is a classic from the past for sure.