Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chain of Command at EWG

Last night at the club, Dave hosted a game system I have been waiting to give a try for some time, Chain of Command.

The scenario pitted a platoon of US 29th Division troops trying to get inland. A troop of Shermans were in support. Our objective was to get at least 1 team off the far end of the board (which happens to be the end closest in this photo.

The US force was hindered by wide open fields & a great many German MG's. Below the Germans are deploying onto their jump off points.

Added into the mix for the Germans was a Pak AT gun, which destroyed 2 of my 3 Shermans before I could force the crew to abandon the gun.

The Shermans were forced to start coming in on the road, which created a bit of a bottleneck. The rifle squads didn't proceed past the stone wall nor the building in the centre. The German player Andy had hot dice & they were getting very good command rolls, which spelled a stalemate for the US troops.

Looking forward to giving this ruleset some more playtime. The command dice are a nice change from the usual card driven systems of the Lardies games.


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    1. Thanks Bob, Dave provided everything for the game which certainly made it easy for the players. It also ensures he has all the stuff & isn't relying on someone else to forget something.