Monday, November 24, 2014

More Descent Miniatures

I've finished off 3 of the 4 figures I've been working on  for Descent.

First up is Rylan Olliven. Not sure what class he represents, though the nobility or clergy comes to mind. 

Next is a wonderful figure of a liche type character

Lastly we have the villain version of Raythen. I have the Hero version well under way, but ran out of painting time on Sunday to get him completed.

The villain version has quite the dynamic pose. 

I have some more Descent figures to paint as part of the ongoing consignment. As well I am getting the next Zombicide character & zombivores ready to paint.


  1. These are splendid Terry and with the obvious exception of the first, the poses are wonderfully dynamic - very nice.

    1. Thanks Michael, your right the first figure is rather plain jane, pose wise.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Bob. One day I will even get to paint them again for my own copies of Descent.

  3. Beautiful figures, grea paint job!