Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Zombicide at EWG

Last night I ran another game of Zombicide at the club. I had 6 others plus myself search the city for objectives, the goal being to successfully collect the 5 objectives & then make it back to the start point.

We were quick to pick up several weapons to replace our frying pans.

We also had a couple Abominations arrive, but the finding of several Molotov Cocktails ended that threat, as we really had nothing else that could touch it.

We had a couple players into the Orange zone by endgame & this brought some very nast spawns. One of which required Amy to be sacrificed (below). In her defence, she did have a chainsaw & managed to clear 6 of the 9 Berserk Zombies, but then succumbed.

Another shot of one of the massive Zombie mobs that were shambling along. Good thing we were far away from this & won the game.

Thanks to those who came out to play, it was great seeing such a good turnout at the club!


  1. That looked like a fun night out dude!

    1. Thanks Bob, yes, its great seeing so many coming out now, maybe it has something to do with the season?

  2. We had a ton of fun playing Zombicide. I can't wait to pick up my own copy.

    Thanks for hosting this game Terry!

    1. Excellent David, I hope that means your going to paint them as well! Its a long slow slog to be sure