Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cthulhu Wars at EWG

Tonight I played my first game of Cthulhu Wars at the club with Barry & Wiley.

We chose our faction randomly from 1 of each colour cultist in the bag.

Barry chose the Crawling Chaos
Wiley the Yellow Sign & 
I chose the Great Cthulhu.

In the first couple turns we spread out our cultists to collect more gates.

It wasn't long before we started seeing the Great Old ones emerge, though we didn't have as much combat as expected. The Yellow Sign was a blight, & Wiley soon had all his figures active on the board.

This was of course the first game for all of us & I was surprised at how quickly we rose up the Doom Track. As well two of us had completed collecting our 6 spell books as I rose to the 30 on the Doom Track. After the final round's of the Ritual this is where the points ended with The Great Cthulhu coming out on top with 39 Doom points, followed by The Yellow Sign with 35, though he hadn't gotten all his books. The Crawling Chaos was a distant third with 25 points.

We all agree it would have been a much different game had we gotten a 4th player. As well we can all see that it will take time to learn the nuances of each of the factions. There are some YouTube videos with discussions on each faction that I may take a look at.

The game seemed to play very quickly & I believe we were finished in about 90 minutes. Looking forward to giving this game some more plays.


  1. The figures look amazing even in day-glo colours.

  2. It does look like fun, will you be tempted to paint the miniatures?

    1. Most definately, of course when I start to paint them is another matter.