Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shadows & Dust Henchmen

Here are the first of the painted miniatures for 2015! As discussed previously, my focus is on getting my Shadows & Dust warband painted up.

So here are 4 more henchmen.

Again, I've armed these hooligans with cudgel's made from sprue bits.

The left guy below has a rather large stone, guess he is planning on being a rock star!.

Up next are a couple fella's armed with short swords & some knife wielding zealots.


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    1. Thanks Michael, I've sort of made a promise with myself this year to spend at least 1 CD/Cassette worth of music painting miniatures each day that I am home & not off to some evening function/concert, etc. Will see how it pans far, so good!

  2. My daughters gave me Foundry Roman civilians for Xmas for my SS&D games. Ace.

    1. Very nice John, as I stated previously, this isn't one of my gaming focii (sp?) so I've had to rely of other friends who own figures from that era to help me out. I have enough I think for a solid band with options.

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    1. Thanks Bob. Nice break from Zombies for a bit to work on these.