Monday, January 12, 2015

Song of Shadows & Dust - Henchmen & a Couple More Zombies

I had a good day yesterday getting 5 more miniatures painted.

First up is the last 3 members of my Shadows & Dust faction. So here I have 2 Tough Henchmen (w/ curved daggers) & a sword armed Henchman (centre).

As well I finished 2 more Zombies, another Berserk Zombie & a Runner.

I have 4 other Zombies on the paint table, then will likely get at more of the Descent & All's Quiet on the Martian Front models for the Mayday game.

I've also received word that the Cthulhu Wars games will soon be shipping, so there is some insane excitement to see & play this in the near future.



  1. Great job Terry, just looking at the runner I notice that you trimmed the peg - just curious as to how stable he is now?

    1. Thanks Michael, actually I've found that after priming, painting, army painter dip & then matte overspray, it seems to make them quite stiff. As long as one doesn't apply too much downards pressure, it should be fine. I don't tend to play with kids & as I am playing with other miniature gamers, they are good at handling painted miniatures. I really dislike the pegs so will usually remove them. If a figure is still weak after, I will place a rock or log beneath the raised foot.

    2. Thanks for that Terry, if truth be told I've been putting off painting the runners for fear that they might just be too wobbly on completion, I feel inspired to dig a couple out.

    3. Glad to be of service Michael, let me know how they turn out & your thoughts on their stability. The fact I use washers on them may in some odd way help as well.

  2. Lovely work Terry, can't wait to see the zombies amongst all those buildings you posted.

  3. Thanks Bob, yes I will have to think about an All Things Zombie scenario to use them in!