Monday, June 8, 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Rebel Troopers

Just a short post this evening as I watch the Zombicide Black Plaque racking up the stretch goals.

I finished up these 3 Rebel Troopers this morning, however had to wait until after work to photograph & post.

Certainly some of the oddest looking helmets from the original Star Wars movie. The figures again are good sculpts, nice & chunky, with no fine bits to bend.

My big beef pose? Really? They have done the same with the next Rebel Ally expansion as well. C'mon Fantasy Flight, with the money your raking in, splurging on a couple extra sculpts wouldn't hurt the coffers.

So as alluded to, I am almost finished the Rebel Saboteurs expansion figures as well & hope to have them done by the weekend.


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    1. Thanks Simon. I actually went out & bought a Star Wars book to see all the various uniforms as I continue working through the models. I usually try to match the images on the cards, so players can quickly identify their figures.

  2. That's a great paint job. Well done.

    1. Thanks kindly Rikalonius. I have a few more of the newer blisters to paint up as well